Designed by Dean Kamen and his team at DEKA, the original iBOT™ Mobility System offered the ability to go places wheelchairs just didn’t go, providing unparalleled flexibility and independence to the users.  The unique self-balancing technology gives users the ability to go up and down staircases, navigate difficult terrain including sand, grass, gravel, and steep slopes, and enables users to have the dignity of eye-to-eye interactions with family, friends, and co-workers.  

MOBIUS believes that advances in electronics, sensors, and other technology can allow the Next Generation iBOT™ Mobility System to provide even greater capability and flexibility in a lighter, smaller package. The Next Generation iBOT™ Mobility System could enable a parent to visit a child’s classroom on the second floor, a co-worker to talk at eye level during a meeting, a student to visit the beach with their class, or a veteran to stand again for the Pledge of Allegiance – allowing those with mobility issues the ability to choose their activities without limitation.  

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